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Who: Shane Lavalette

What: Photographer; Publisher/Editor of Lay Flat

Where: Somerville, MA

Makes: Hauntingly honest portrayals of everyday life in his medium of choice: the photo. A recent graduate of Tufts and The School of Museum of Fine Arts in an ambitious, combined degree program, Shane demonstrates a heightened understanding of how to encapsulate sentiment in image and a maturity beyond his years. He gives pause to life in his photos—freezing the fleeting, honoring the constant—and there’s something beautifully melancholy about his style. Perhaps it’s how very skillfully he draws attention to the tentative nature of a moment; everything he’s captured on film is, in a sense, “no longer” by the time we see it. I suppose this is a characteristic of all photos, but Shane has a certain knack for presenting his work as visual ode, or elegy, to something or someone.

To explore Shane’s work on your own, visit To read more about Lay Flat and reserve a copy of the publication’s upcoming edition, head on over to

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